Things to do when visiting Nyanga

Rinneroon is a self-catering cottage located on Little Connemara Estate in Nyanga, Zimbabwe. Little Connemara is a beautiful piece of land perched high overlooking Troutbeck Inn to the east and Nyanga Village to the West and is one of the most spectacular destinations for holidaymakers in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

Its lush green vegetation, dense pine tree plantations, rolling moorlands sliced by trout-filled rivers and cascading sparkling small waterfalls and plush lodges make it a sought after destination.

The cottage offers scenic and peaceful accommodation to spend time rediscovering and recharging but for the adventurous there are a wide array of sights and activities in Nyanga to keep you on your toes.

1. Nyangombe Falls
A series of cascading waterfalls on the western tip of the Nyanga National Park. One of the numerous waterfalls within the terrains of Nyanga. Close to the falls, the Nyangombe river cascades down the rocks into a natural swimming pool and a sandy area called Brighton Beach. From the From Rhodes Nyanga Hotel drive 8.4 KM. A short walk of 300 metres takes you to the Nyangombe Falls. Conservation Fee $3.00 - Open daily. Interesting Fact – Apparently washing your face with the waters deters the development of wrinkles.

2. Worlds View
World’s View is a spectacular vista on the escarpment of the Nyanga Downs plateau in the Eastern Highlands mountain range, just north of Nyanga, in eastern Zimbabwe. It is situated at an altitude of 2,248 metres (7,375 ft) with a 600 metres (2,000 ft) drop to the plain below on the western side. The viewpoint is just outside the northern edge of the Nyanga National Park and can be reached via an 11 km track from Troutbeck. On a clear day, places as far away as 60 to 70 km can be seen. A great place for scenic views of places around Nyanga. 

3. Nyangani Mountain Hike
This gigantic mountain stretches up to 2592m in height, its peak is a 1-3 hour climb trekking from any of the 4 base-entry points for anyone of average fitness. One of the things you will find true about it, is the promise of a challenging climb to remember to for mountain hikers and bikers. Mt. Nyangani’s vegetation is composed of heath covering its summit plateau, a dense grassland on the western side and an ever-green forest along the damper eastern slopes. Mount Nyangani is about 110 km north west Mutare. Interesting Fact – the mountain is a source of 3 rivers, two of which are tributaries to the Mazowe River which feeds into the Mighty Zambezi River.

4. Nyangwe Forts
In the middle of the Nyanga National Park is the 400-year-old stone ruins. The Fort is in a commanding situation enjoying wide views towards Mount Nyangani and partially surrounded by steep rocky slopes. Its a scenic place to visit but the ruins are somewhat overgrown and neglected.

5. Pungwe Falls
The Pungwe Falls flows across the Mozambique border and eventually into the Indian Ocean. It is advised to visit the falls accompanied by a tour guide. The Pungwe Falls are one of the scenic highlights of Zimbabwe.The landscape leading toward the horizon is uncluttered by human habitation or roads, the air is cool and fresh. How to get here from the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel: 0.67 KM turn left onto the scenic road, 1.04 KM continue straight on ignoring the road to the right, 2.10 KM continue straight on the scenic road ignoring the road to the left,6.73 KM continue straight on the scenic road ignoring the road to the right, 11.0 KM turn left onto the road marked Pungwe Falls and Mtarazi Falls, 20.2 KM turn off left for Pungwe Drift road, 20.9 KM arrive at Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority office, 21.4 KM arrive at Pungwe Drift

6. Mutarazi Falls
The Mutarazi Falls is the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe, the second highest in Africa (after the Tugela Falls in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa which are 948 metres or 3,110 feet) and seventeenth highest in the world. The walk through the shady forest before winding through the sweet-smelling heathland to arrive at the view point with its spectacular views over the Honde valley really makes for an enjoyable and memorable experience. The waterfall also affords people an opportunity to see Honde Valley from the watchpoint where the falls can be viewed from. 2 birds one small stone

7. Zipline and skywalk
Mutarazi Falls in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe is the second highest waterfall in Africa, and there is now a jaw-dropping new adventure activity that allows observers a never-before-seen perspective of this beautiful waterfall. A company called ‘Far and Wide’ in Zimbabwe has opened the ‘Mutarazi Falls Skyline and Skywalk’ which enables visitors to ‘sky-walk’ across the 762m high chasm, observing the falls head on, providing a 360 degree perspective of Zimbabwe’s highest waterfall, which has never been possible up until now.  A dual 90m long zip line and cableway lie parallel overlooking the waterfall, enabling guests to fly or walk with a friend. This makes it the world’s highest Zip Line and an attraction worth visiting, all be it somewhat of a journey to get there. 

8. Fishing
In Nyanga National Park you can visit and get a closer look at the source of game fish within the park. The National Park contains perennial streams stocked with rainbow trout from the hatcheries in the Park near Mare dam. The finest fly fishing in Zimbabwe can be found in these well stocked rivers and lakes including Mare, Udu, Rhodes, Gulliver and Purdon Dams, with bream fishing also available at Udu Dam.

9. The Rhodes Museum
The Nyanga Historical Exhibition is housed in Cecil Rhodes' (1853–1902) former stables in the grounds next door to the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel. It has a wonderful collection of his belongings, as well as some interesting exhibits on the local area, colonial history and stone age relics.

10. Town Visit (Thanks for the tip Pindula News)
Interacting with local people in town.  It gives you the feel of the place and tells you more about the people in that area. It can even help you learn a new dialect and broaden your vocabulary. But greatest of all, the locals are the ones that know their place well. Talking to them, visiting their town will get you free advice, free education and free holiday experience.

11. Game Viewing
Game viewing in Nyanga National Park is open to the public all year round; gates are open daily from 0600hrs until 1800hrs. Visitors are only allowed to enter the Park when driving and must use designated roads only, walking and cycling are strictly prohibited except with express authority and in designated areas. Although there are no game viewing hides аnd Nyanga is not primarily а game Park, there is а variety of wildlife to be seen as evidenced in the 2015 Game Count.

12. Water Activities
Boating, sailing and canoeing are popular activities. The Park's five dams are all suitable for boating аnd rowing and boats can be hired at Rhodes, Mare аnd Udu Dams. Swimming - visitors can swim at Nyangombe pool where the clear, crisp and bilharzia-free Nyangombe River spills over a natural rock slide and can then dry off on the sandy beach. There is also a swimming weir in the Udu River below Udu Dam.

13. Hiking trails, birding & walks
There are numerous hiking paths and trails leading to most of the waterfalls аnd many of the ruins, аnd along the rivers аnd mountains іntо the Park. The scenic beauty of many of the roads аnd tracks through both the forest areas and open highlands аlsо makes these attractive for hiking.

14. Horse-riding.
Short Horse-riding trails are available around Nyangwe Fort, the Experimental Fruit Station аnd Mare Dam, as well as longer trails іntо Warrendale, beyond Udu Dam. The trails start аnd end at the pony trails office, on the gravel road from the National Park headquarters to Mare Dam.After a whole full Nyanga adventure, you can relax and go fishing canoeing or boating or yachting depending on your budget or preferences.

15. Golf
Located on the lovely Troutbeck Inn estate, you'll find a gorgeous 18-hole golf course, only 3 hours away from Harare. The course has been developed among beautiful scenery. Due to it's proximity to the inn, golfers can also make use of the facilities, such as a restaurant and fishing dams, which are fully stocked with brown and rainbow trout.

16. Whitewater rafting
Join Far and Wide Adventure Centre for a wonderful day of whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Pungwe River in Zimbabwe's beautiful Honde Valley.

17. Mounting biking
There are amazing single track, jeep track and logging trails throughout Nyanga National Park in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands. 

18. Accommodation
Scenic and quiet accommodation at Rinneroon Cottage of course ;)